Meet Scape


A new European player in e-powering sustainable mobility

SCAPE’s 4-year journey, powered by the European Union, aims to move towards the standardization, cost reduction, and increased performance of power electronics for next generation electric vehicles.

SCAPE’s Challenge

In power electronics, the traditional design approach of power converters involves a range of power semiconductor devices with different ratings, optimized to operate at different conditions and with several requirements for ancillary circuitry and power circuit topologies.

The dispersion in power devices and circuits leads to significant engineering efforts to ensure production and, thus, little resources left to improve performance at this level. In the electric vehicle (EV) market, this void translates into EV OEMs investing billions of euros to develop their own e-powering solutions.

Pursuing independence, industry leadership and reputation in EV components system and emerging technologies currently heavily reliant on extr-EU providers.

SCAPE’s Solutions

Moving away from traditional approaches in powering e-mobility, SCAPE aims to build and validate a novel, standardisable, and modular design and architecture for the EVs’ powertrain coupled with an integration of advanced control systems.

  1. a new, standardisable, modular design for EV power converters based on multilevel converter technologies;
  2. a highly-compact and integrated building-block implementation architecture for EV power converters through chip-embedding technology;
  3. intelligent control strategies featuring prognosis and health management with an online monitoring system and a powertrain digital twin.

Models, simulations, digital twins and prototypes will help SCAPE’s team validate its approach and share project assets with the power electronics community, the EV components’ industry and all climate-sensible long-haul transport companies and vehicle drivers out there!

SCAPE’s Impact

Increase the performance features (reliability, efficiency, power density, etc.), and enable enhanced functionalities through advanced power electronics integration techniques and controls.

SCAPE’s e-powering ‘solutions’ for the EV market will enable to reduce costs for powertrain elements thanks to scale economies.

with access to a cost-efficient and quality improved converter production chain.

benefitting from more affordable and better performing zero-emission vehicles.

A greater penetration of the sustainable EV market and an accelerated up-take and acceptance of e-mobility will lead to reduced green-house gasses emission.
An environmental impact assessment of the SCAPE process will also take place during the project.