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25th European Conference on Power Electronics and Applications

The EPE ECCE Europe conference is one of the largest in the world, attracting around eight hundred experts from numerous countries every year.

Aiming at exchanging experience among fellow professionals and academics, and bearing in mind the present and future role of power electronics in the big energy transition the world is looking forward to, the EPE ECCE Europe conference is the privileged place to achieve this goal.

EPE’23 ECCE Europe in Aalborg will provide the opportunity to discuss hot topics through the lecture- and poster sessions, the exhibition, the industrial forums and the tutorials.

The conference will highlight several Focus Topics.

Tuesday 5 September:

Energy Islands
1. Renewable Energy systems and Power-to-X
2. Energy Islands

Wednesday 6 September:

Energy Storage
3. Energy-storage technologies
4. Electric Vehicles

Thursday 7 September:

Emerging Technologies in Power Electronics
5. Emerging Power Electronic Devices and Semiconductors
6. Reliability and Artificial Intelligence in Power Electronics


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