Keeping EV tech innovation environment-friendly

The environmental performance of the initial design for the integrated inverter/on-board charger has been thoroughly evaluated. We have scrutinized the impact of key innovative elements within SCAPE, such as the development of high-voltage switching cells, converter legs, and advanced thermal management solutions. This in-depth assessment was made possible through a collaborative effort between the LCA (life-cycle analysis) lead  IREC and UPC, CSIC, and Deep Concept, who provided valuable insights regarding the components’ composition.

This analysis is instrumental in guiding ecodesign strategies aimed at minimizing the environmental footprint of the final converter prototype and the overall EV power conversion system. Further supporting this analysis, IREC contributed to the 18th SDEWES Conference on Sustainable Development of Energy, Water, and Environment Systems by presenting a Life Cycle Assessment and recyclability study of a standard DC-DC converter. These findings will serve as a benchmark to contrast with the final assessment of the proposed innovations, showcasing SCAPE’s potential for environmental benefits.

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