Takeaways from SCAPE’s 1st Workshop

Will modular and scalable EV power converter design unlock a future of reliable, lightweight, and affordable EVs?

In the attempt to answer the question above and gather informed insights to enhance the project’s reserch, SCAPE has hosted a knowledge sharing workshop during July 2023.  The event, which took place during the AEIT Automotive 2023 in Modena, was a chance for SCAPE’s technical partners to share their approach to power converter design with a stakeholder audience.

Although SCAPE’s dissemination workshop came early in the project, at a stage in which results are not available yet, the event was extremely useful for SCAPE to “stress-test” its research approach.
Given the well-informed and responsive participants of the Workshop, the project team collected several knowledgeable inputs which will lead SCAPE to consider new angles to its proposed technology. Challenging perspectives on fault diagnosis, cost evaluation of power semiconductor devices and go-to-market strategies, such as opting for a more ‘traditional’ three-phase traction inverter prototype, have contributed to finetune SCAPE’s approach to deliver disruptive powerconverter design and integration.

Following an in-depth elaboration of the Workshop’s engagement sessions and the consituctive criticism received by both the audience and the Advisory Board members,  SCAPE’s team published some takeaways on how the project can respond to current (and future) trends in automotive power converters by looking at conventional EV power conversion systems and examining the needs for modularity and scalability.

Take a look at SCAPE’s 1-page takeaways here.

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