Meet SCAPE’s extended electromobility family

The European electromobility family is getting larger!

SCAPE joined E-VOLVE, a virtual cluster which brings together 14 EU-funded projects conducting innovative research on electric vehicle transportation.

E-VOLVE stands for Electric Vehicle Optimized for Life, Value and Efficiency. Behind the creation of this community is the will to develop, implement, and monitor synergies between various projects from Horizon 2020 and Horizon Europe EV mobility calls.

Given the variety of different areas the member projects are involved in, working together and complementing research will help meet future requirements in energy efficiency, fast charging  modes and increased driving range for EVs. Cluster members agree in producing a greater impact (on the market, on the people and on the planet!) by delivering innovations that cover a wide range of EVs components, designed especially for the new (3rd) generation of EVs to meet future mobility needs in both urban environments and inter-city trips.

SCAPE is determined to work together with the current active projects in the cluster (RHODAS, EM-TECH, HIPE, HIGHSCAPE, POWERDRIVE, MULTI-MOBY, SELFIE) towards a better integrated and sustainable future for mobility.

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