SCAPE is ‘on the road’

SCAPE's Kick-off meeting

Barcelona was the stage of SCAPE's kick-off meeting (7-8 July, 2022). Two days in the Catalan capital which brought together all project partners to welcome SCAPE and begin planning four years of challenging work ahead to revolutionise the design and implementation of power converters for electric vehicles,
With €6M (Horizon Europe funds) and the expertise of nine multidisciplinay partners SCAPE aims to disrupt traditional approaches to build and validate a novel, standardisable, and modular design and architecture for power converters for electric vehicles.

Stay Tuned

The kick-off meeting was the occasion to reinforce SCAPE's determination to create a cost-efficient production chain in power converter development for next generation electric vehicles. An environmental impact assessment of the process will take place every step of the way.
Models, simulations, digital twins and prototypes will help SCAPE’s team validate its approach and share project assets with the power electronics community, the EV components’ industry and all climate-sensible long haul transport companies and car drivers out there!
SCAPE will be back soon with updates on the project's research.
Check out the project's tasks and research: SCAPE Work Packages

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